About us

Rob & Liesbeth – founders, recently discovered the joys of farming
Friends & family – co-creators

Just a bit more about how we got here…

Together with our three daughters we spent many years abroad, experiencing different cultures while living a wealthy lifestyle. Returning to our roots in Holland and being left with an empty nest, these and other changes in our lives made us reconsider our needs and choices.

Our growing awareness and realisation that the environmental destruction and social issues we are facing stem from our current way of living have led us to choose for a simpler yet still comfortable life that is more in tune with nature. We are starting to give back to the planet what we have taken for so long and have decided that for us this tucked away farm in the south of Portugal is the place to do this. We feel lucky and grateful to live here permanently. Although we realise our contribution is a modest one, we tend to our piece of land with great love, passion and enthusiasm! Slowly it is turning into a productive land with high diversity. Sharing all this with others and learning from each other seems to be our life’s mission each day.

And so we engage in a sustainable way of life inspired by organic farming & permaculture principles and share these tools and insights with others along the way. Living simply and well, by:

– growing our own food and generating our own electricity and water-system
– reducing our ecological footprint
– creating a place where we can work, relax and enjoy life
– sharing and connecting with the local community and neighbourhood
– designing our domain based on permaculture principles
– using regenerative soil and watermanagement principles to improve soil quality

Over the last year we have had family, friends and interested people come to visit us and with great pleasure we have showed them around. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm of many young people for whom this way of thinking and doing already comes so naturally. At this time we regularly have people staying with us for a short term stay (1 to 2 weeks). We invite them to join our daily routine and experience living, being and helping out on the farm.