Festival of love

We’re still feeling the good vibes as a result of the weekend celebration with Floris & Claudia getting married. 100 friends and family bundled their efforts to create a festival of love.

Tents were hitched, tables were set, wholesome food was cooked and eaten, stories were shared, music was made, dance moves were shown, fresh compost was produced.

It was an exciting test to see if the quinta could harbour and provide for such a large group of people. Now the stillness has returned but the intense connections and memories that were made are lasting.



2 thoughts on “Festival of love

  1. Lieve Liesbeth en Rob,

    To live your dream is maar weinigen gegeven. Niet omdat het niet kan, maar omdat we niet kiezen. De bruiloft van één van je kinderen zo te kunnen vieren, is ‘ living many peoples dream ‘ , maar vooral ook jullie keuze. Wat mooi!!!!


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


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