Thank you all for the joyfull 2019! Wishing you a beautiful and adventurous 2020!

With Christmas and the New Year coming up we like to take the opportunity to wish you all the goodness that life can give you, making it a wonderful adventure.

Here @Quinta da Fonte Velha we reflect on 2019. We worked on various new projects on the land to bring up the level of regeneration. New development and the deepening and expansion of existing projects got also our attention, such as:
1. healthy soil building by adding loads of horse manure, compost, mulch and waste recycled materials to fertilise for better growing and harvest results
2. setting up a waterfall flowform system for better water quality and aesthetic purposes
3. large earthworks moving a giant heap of soil to level other areas creating a swale for water retention.
4. the pruning of many trees, mostly olives, and the shredding of all cuttings to mulch the newly made swales
5. planting over 150 new trees, plants and herbs so far this season

All these projects could only be realised with the support of numerous helping hands from family and friends. Thank you all!!

Besides the focus on the land, together we have taken steps forward in personal development to bring up our level of consciousness resulting in new challenges and insights. We got stimulated to create our Lifebook for the future: a written 12 category view on our believes about our Life Vision. This extraordinary process helped us to get a clear idea of our plans, do’s and don’ts for the near and far future.

We realise Life is a never ending path of learning from experiences that make us grow. We show our gratitude to all the people teaching us these lessons and surrounding us with their love.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and an exciting 2020!

One thought on “Thank you all for the joyfull 2019! Wishing you a beautiful and adventurous 2020!

  1. Liesbeth and Rob, From Waalre (where we have moved to this year, from Almelo) we wish you both AND family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Fruitful 2020 !!!
    Best Regards,
    Diana and Ab Pasman

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