The first 7-year Quinta cycle

Dear family and friends,
We hope you are all doing well and stay strong in this challenging time. A lot is asked from all of us each day, so we need empowerment by staying calm and resilient and knowing who we really are! To move forward we’d better connect, share and care to help each other forward.
Seven years ago, december 2013, we left our home country The Netherlands to start a new adventure in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal. We choose for a calmer place to make room for more happiness, freedom and good health. We realise that the total support for this life project by our daughters and their partners added enormously to our courage. Feeling grateful for everyone’s positive attitude!
Writing this blog we thought it would be nice adding fresh contributions from others.
We are excited to include the lovely input of Marian, a (new) dear friend we recently met and now is on a regular base helping out on the farm with great enthusiasm and expertise and also the story of our youngest daughter Marcia writing about her experiences in the last 7 years. The content became a bit extended, we hope you don’t mind that and enjoy reading all of it😃
Here is what Marian says…..”In september 2020 I arrived in Ferragudo following the Love….Now I live in the centre of the lovely village. I used to live in the north of The Netherlands, in the fields between the farms and used to have my own vegetable garden. After I arrived here I started searching for a place to give a helping hand on the farm. Pretty soon I found the website of quinta da fonte velha. And here is where Rob and Liesbeth came into my life…” read more from Marian
Here is what Marcia says…….As I write this I’m 29 years, and in my early twenties I only came by for quick visits………….our relationship is not what one would call shallow, maybe even thanks to the fact that we see each other for longer periods at a time and we’re aware of the fact to make it count whenever we meet. Although since the virus came along it starts to feel like our freedom is being compromised and it’s bittersweet to see my parents reading a book to their grandchild through a screen….”read more from Marcia
The process of developing this piece of land (outer world) and at the same time that of our personal lives (inner world), gives us great fulfilment. It was a curvy road with ups and downs, just as life is. The huge change in our  lifestyle opened up the way to longterm happiness!
Currently talking about the cycles of life (7 years living in this place; December 2013) we bumped into the interesting philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (early part of 20th Century) and we felt some truth in our experience of what he says. We like to share his ideas with you.
“His own map of life revealed some of the important lessons we must master as we develop. Steiner presented this map as 10 cycles that all of us who make it to the age of 70 years old must pass through. Each cycle, Steiner said, is composed of 7 years, and each cycle offers its own challenges and rewards. If we confront these lessons with courage, honesty, and sincerity, the lessons will be mastered and our psychological and spiritual development will bring forth great rewards. “
So……….we realize we are in the 8th cycle of life (56-63 years of age) which is all about “Mastery and Reevaluation”. No joking, we seriously ask ourselves what life wants from us? Mmmmmm… for thought🤔
As we continue our road ahead for the short term we hope to re-unite with all family and friends soon.
Looking forward to the next cycle of 7 years, seeking for activation outside our comfort zones and get fuelled and charged to navigate through life with passion!
Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a wonderful healthy 2021!

3 thoughts on “The first 7-year Quinta cycle

  1. Dat ziet er allemaal prachtig groen, groeiend en bloeiend uit, werkzaamheid en gezelligheid met elkaar. Knap gedaan om het landgoed op deze wijze zo te ontwikkelen, veel plezier en succes om hier mee door te blijven gaan, groetend Ruud en Gezien Mittendorff

  2. Lieve mensen

    Al gemerkt, Dit jaar voor ons geen verre reizen. Maar wat blijkt is dat er weer enorme stappen zijn gezet Ziet er echt prachtig uit

    Hopelijk dit jaar We zien wel of het kan



  3. Wat fantastisch om te zien wat jullie in zeven jaar bereikt hebben. En iedereen die een steentje bijdraagt geniet bij jullie en dat is het bewijs dat jullie een goede keuze hebben gemaakt om in de Algarve zoiets bijzonders te starten.
    Laten we hopen op een mooi en gezond 2021!
    Liefs, Guy en Thera.

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